What is Vivaer?

Vivaer is an in-office, minimally invasive procedure that uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to reduce enlarged inferior turbinates, septal swell bodies and repair nasal valve abnormalities. Treating these areas increases airflow through the nasal airway and relieves chronic nasal obstruction.

Who is a Good Candidate for Vivaer?

Patients with chronic nasal obstruction due to enlarged inferior turbinates, enlarged swell bodies, or nasal valve abnormalities are great candidates for Vivaer.

How is Vivaer Performed?

Vivaer is performed under local anesthesia or IV sedation in our office.

A handheld disposable probe is used to deliver radiofrequency energy to heat the treated tissue. This causes collagen fibers to contract and tighten, shrinking the treated area.


Some patients experience congestion for a few days. Most patients can return to work the next day.

Benefits of Vivaer include:

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DR Atkins

James Atkins, MD

Dr. Atkins is a sinus expert with years of experience in providing compassionate and effective care to patients. He takes a personalized approach to treatment and is dedicated to helping you feel your best.

James M. Ferris, PA-C

Mike and Dr. Atkins have been practicing together for 18 years. He has a great personality and is a superb provider. Mike is personable and an invaluable asset to our practice. Just don’t start talking about fishing. You won’t be able to get him to stop.

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Excellent4.9 Based on 495 reviews fromRaquel “ROCKY” RecioRaquel “ROCKY” Recio ★★★★★ I went to see Dr. ATKINS for the first time & I was really impressed. He was so nice, friendly & very knowledgeable. He knew right away what I was needing help on & it felt great. Not only that but his whole staff was also so polite & wonderful. I’m hoping that I can make his clinic the place I can go back to every time I have issues with my allergies. Dr. ATKINS seemed to me like someone that cares for his patients & that’s wonderful to see!!David MorrillDavid Morrill ★★★★★ A friendly, professional staff and a clean modern facility. Mike Ferris examined me and fully explained his findings and discussed possible/recommended treatments. Everyone I met there was super nice and made me feel welcome. I highly recommend these folks.Cecilia TylerCecilia Tyler ★★★★★ Listens to what I say and worked to find ways to make my sinuses better before jumping to surgery. Performed a surgery when medicine wouldn't work -- feeling much better.Letty EstradaLetty Estrada ★★★★★ It was my first visit and meeting Dr. Atkins, and I loved it! The staff were so efficient and nice, Dr. Atkins was FANTASTIC! He reviewed my file and wanted an up to date ct scan to know exactly what was going on with my breathing issues. He did not try to sell me anything just straight to the point and prescribed some anti-biotics and off I went. The best part I did not have to wait a long time to see him!!Mary DobsonMary Dobson ★★★★★ I was promptly seen, staff was efficient and professional.Bri HerreraBri Herrera ★★★★★ Book here. You won’t be disappointed.Gail OGail O ★★★★★ Wait time a little longer than usual, but no worries about that. Dr. Atkins was apologetic for that which was appreciated. Explained results of scan done and the difference between last one and this one. Then went over options that might be helpful. He listened to my opinion and we came up with a plan. Thanksmenahem beniflahmenahem beniflah ★★★★★ Outstanding Doctor. He cured my chronic sinus infection that 3 other doctors could not fix. Honest and professional. Very thorough. He listens and answers appropriately. Thank you Dr. AtkinsDwayne HaferDwayne Hafer ★★★★★ Great first visit. Highly impressed with Dr Atkins and his staff.Matthew MartinezMatthew Martinez ★★★★★ The entire Atkins team was great, very helpful and transparent in navigating the awful insurance industry.Marlene ValenzuelaMarlene Valenzuela ★★★★★ The best ENT office in San Antonio! Dr. Atkins, PA-Ferris, and the entire staff from receptionists to nurses were all exceptional. I was so anxious about surgery and everyone was so comforting, even for my pre and post-op visits. If you’re dealing with any sinus/allergy issues, this is the place to be seen and treated at.Clarence LeeClarence Lee ★★★★★ Best Sinus Expert I've known to date! Exceptional bedside matters and treats his customers like Kings and Queens....Mr. LeeMichael RobillardMichael Robillard ★★★★★ Very thorough and efficient.Bird MarshallBird Marshall ★★★★★ Always a good experience. Appreciate that appointments are always on schedule!Russell YalowskyRussell Yalowsky ★★★★★ Great facility & People and everyone goes out of their way to help you with your sinus issues.ParvParv ★★★★★ Dr.Atkins is God sent! I have been suffering from sinus issues ALL my life. I could never breathe right. I always had a runny nose. I had a sneeze attack as soon as waking up. Finally after not being able to breathe for 2 months straight I got sick and tired of it and looked up a sinus specialist. I had my surgery 4 months ago. My goodness I should have done this earlier. I don’t know why I suffered my entire finally I able to breathe. I don’t sound sick all the time. This has changed my LIFE. Thank you thank you! Dr atkins is amazing and down to earth such a good doctor and person!ParvParv ★★★★★ Dr.Atkins is God sent! I have been suffering from sinus issues ALL my life. I could never breathe right. I always had a runny nose. I had a sneeze attack as soon as waking up. Finally after not being able to breathe for 2 months straight I got sick and tired of it and looked up a sinus specialist. I had my surgery 4 months ago. My goodness I should have done this earlier. I don’t know why I suffered my entire finally I able to breathe. I don’t sound sick all the time. This has changed my LIFE. Thank you thank you! Dr atkins is amazing and down to earth such a good doctor and person!Katherine GarciaKatherine Garcia ★★★★★ I've had a great experience with all of the providers at Atkins Expert Sinus Care. I ended up fixing my deviated septum with them and the staff made it a very smooth experience. During the procedure I felt comfortable and cared for. I will definitely be recommending to family and friends!Naomi CheshierNaomi Cheshier ★★★★★ I received wonderful care at Atkins Sinus Center. Dr. Atkins is extremely knowledgeable, fast, and efficient. The entire staff does an excellent job. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery and follow up. from the anesthesiologist care before surgery to the paperwork assistance from the office manager. I highly recommend this clinic for any of your sinus needs.Linda HoweltonLinda Howelton ★★★★★ Yes, Dr. Atkins is the expert in sinus care. He is meticulous with a caring touch. He comes highly recommended with good reason.Fred WeissFred Weiss ★★★★★ I've been a patient of Dr. Atkins for several years. I had life-long sinus issues and Dr. Atkins and his staff performed several procedures that have improved my quality of life. I highly recommend Dr. Atkins.Dr. Anthony Ali KhosraviDr. Anthony Ali Khosravi ★★★★★ Friendly staff, efficient office, and very informative and caring physicians.sylvia blacksylvia black ★★★★★ I appreciate and am thankful for the advice and care I get with Michael Ferris. 100% on the diagnosis. Great follow through and courteous manners. The staff are all great and helpful!Diane FinchDiane Finch ★★★★★ I got in and signed up quite promptly. Office location is easy to fine. much like the doctor has wonderful experience.Equipment was top notch and Office was immaculateAdriana PerezAdriana Perez ★★★★★ Dr. Atkins and his team made me feel comfortable during my procedure. Love how friendly and helpful they are. The next day after surgery Dr.Atkins checked on me to see how I was feeling. That made me feel good because it shows me how they care about there patients.ChrisAndAmanda PassmoreChrisAndAmanda Passmore ★★★★★ Dr Atkins and PA Ferris both take the time to explain and answer questions. Dr Atkins even texted me personally the day after my surgery to check on me.Paul PellikkaPaul Pellikka ★★★★★ Everyone works as a team here for surgery pre-op, the surgery itself, and surgery post-op. Anyone in a medical profession should be Professional, Personable, and Patient [with patients]. Dr Atkins and everyone working with him are indisputably all three.JimmyJimmy ★★★★★ Thank you for taking me in as a new patient, and providing me with excellent care !I came in with a broken septum, and allergies. I was prescribed nasal sprays and a referral for my septum. Thank you again !Kareem SalamaKareem Salama ★★★★★ I was referred to Dr. Atkins office by a former patient who had a great experience, and I must say, I was not disappointed. From the moment I walked in, the staff was welcoming and efficient, and the office was modern and clean.Dr. Atkins was knowledgeable and professional, listening to my concerns and explaining everything in detail and providing a comprehensive treatment plan. The staff were exceptional, and I left feeling grateful for the care I received.Ronald DavisRonald Davis ★★★★★ Everyone I met at Dr Atkins was professional and courteous. Felt confident they knew what they were doing. I’m already feeling better after a few days of meds. Hoping this regimen will solve a problem that I’ve had for a long time. Should have went sooner.Shasta BillingsleyShasta Billingsley ★★★★★ Dr Adkins shows professionalism and courtesy. He and his team (Hector, has been with him for 13 years), are by far better at diagnosing and meeting patient’s needs than most. He took time to correctly diagnose my issues and I knew I was in great hands. Thank you for being a true leader in your field.James LaneJames Lane ★★★★★ Very knowledgeable and professional.Michael BustamanteMichael Bustamante ★★★★★ I’m very pleased with your serviceDr. Atkins has the best team, working for him. I’m very pleased with everything y’all have done for me.Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!Michael BustamanteAlexandra Natasha RosadoAlexandra Natasha Rosado ★★★★★ This office was clean, staff was incredibly kind, Dr. Atkins demonstrated he is very knowledgeable in his field. Truly impressed with this office.Cecilia TylerCecilia Tyler ★★★★★ I felt Dr Adkins listened ; tested, and then made recommendations with follow up scheduledAigeeAigee ★★★★★ Overall very positive experience.Dr Atkins is knowledgeable, kind, honest and easy to talk to. When I asked questions he was glad to answer kindly.I say, take notes or ask him to write down these unusual medical terms for you. He wasn’t pushy on surgery or procedures. He just gave options and let me decide.All the staff like Yunique, imaging tech Raul , etc were very nice and caring. My only complaint was the long wait. But Dr Atkins was apologetic, which is rare these days to get an apology. Was worth the wait.I don't trust doctors especially after what the medical establishment has done in mishandling covid treatment and shots for money and hidden agenda. It was nice to have my trust reassured with Dr Atkins.Steven DrewSteven Drew ★★★★★ Excellent staff. Dr "Jim" is a very confident and helpful doctor. Highly recommended.Nannette BordenNannette Borden ★★★★★ The staff and Dr. Atkins were all very helpful and professional. I am so happy to find a doctor in San Antonio that is easy to talk to and great at explaining what I need to know about my sinuses.Jon JeppesenJon Jeppesen ★★★★★ Impressed with Dr Atkins and staff. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Procedure went well, instruction for pre and post procedure were thorough. Dr. Atkins followed up day after procedure to see how I was doing.

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