San Antonio's Premier Expert Sinus Care

San Antonio’s Premier Expert Sinus Care

Specializing in Revolutionary TruDi™
Balloon Sinuplasty

Meet James Atkins, MD

Sinus specialist James Atkins, MD, is the founder of Atkins Expert Sinus Care in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Atkins opened his practice in 2000 with the specific goal of being a clinic specializing in the sinuses after realizing that many of his patients needed a more focused and experienced approach to their complex sinus problems.

Dr. Atkins and Atkins Expert Sinus Care offer the latest advances in sinus treatments and procedures, specializing in revolutionary TruDi™ balloon sinuplasty (BSP). This minimally invasive procedure produces better patient outcomes with less pain and downtime than traditional sinus surgeries.

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Your Solution for Sinus Problems

Conditions We Treat

Chronic Sinusitis

If long-lasting congestion, nasal drainage, headaches, or facial pain associated with chronic sinusitis diminish your quality of life, effective solutions are available, we offer medications, non-invasive treatments, and minimally invasive sinus surgeries to help you breathe easier.

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Common Sinus Problems

We see many patients with facial pain, sinus pressure, and postnasal drainage who are quite certain that they have a sinus problem. Our job is to determine what is actually causing the patient’s discomfort and recommend the right course of treatment.

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Nasal Allergies

Do you ever wonder if it's allergies or a sinus infection? Sometimes it's easy to sort out but most of the time it isn’t because the symptoms of allergies and sinusitis overlap.​Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. (2) We offer allergy testing to help determine how much of your problem is allergy related.

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Deviated Septum

If facial pain or breathing problems associated with septal deviation make everyday tasks feel unbearable, board-certified otolaryngologist James Atkins, MD, and his team have a simple solution at Atkins Expert Sinus Care in San Antonio, Texas. They offer minimally invasive septoplasty to improve the structure of your nose and sinuses, help you breathe easier, and restore your quality of life. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Atkins and his team to learn more.

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Nasal Polyps

Sinus polyps are due to excessive swelling of the lining inside the nose that leads to grape-like growths of sinus membranes that can block a portion of the sinuses or all the sinuses and nasal passages. The severity of symptoms depends on the size and location of the polyps. Sometimes they are diagnosed while evaluating a patient for other chronic sinus problems, or they're the primary reason a patient comes in to be seen.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Latest advances and Technology in sinus treatments
Takes time to really listen to patients
Address all possible causes of your problem
Dedicated Expert Staff
On-site testing
Detailed Diagnostic Process
On-site Trudi navigation system for BSP

Why Dr. James Atkins

Performed more balloon sinus surgeries than any other physician in our area
One of the first surgeons trained in BSP
Developed one of the most popular balloons used today
Published medical articles,
Lectures nationwide on BSP
Performed thousands of BSP surgeries

What Our Clients Say

Hear it from the Expert

Welcome to Atkins Expert Sinus Care

We are experts in sinus infections, sinus headaches and nasal allergies.

Atkins Expert Sinus Care is the leader in advanced sinus care as well as researchers and educators in the field of balloon sinus surgery.

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