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In 2018, Acclarent, a division of Johnson and Johnson, partnered with 7 practices across the U.S. to create Technology Education Centers. Dr. Atkins was honored to be considered one of the most proficient balloon sinuplasty surgeons in the country and finds deep satisfaction teaching and sharing information that will help patients achieve optimal outcomes from their sinus surgery. Dr. Atkins has trained over 50 surgeons, Atkins Expert Sinus Care is proud to be one of these centers. ​

“When physicians visit, we discuss who we choose to offer sinuplasty to, what techniques we use to perform these procedures, and how we use intravenous sedation administered by a board certified anesthesiologist to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for our patients.”

“Though it's called a Technology Education Center, sometimes I think it should be called a Technology Sharing Center because in discussions with these other physicians, we are all sharing ways to make the whole office surgical experience better for our patients.”

~Dr. Atkins


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