Nasal polyps are soft, painless, noncancerous growths on your nasal passages or sinuses.  The severity of symptoms depends on the size and location of the polyps. Sometimes they are diagnosed while evaluating a patient for other chronic sinus problems, or they're the primary reason a patient comes in to be seen. Polyps can be treated with surgery or with newer medications such as Dupixent which is a subcutaneous shot that patients can take at home every 2 weeks.

Nasal Polyps Treatment

Now, due to technologies such as Propel, patients undergoing polyp surgery can have small absorbable devices placed in their sinus cavities that dissolve during the month following the surgery. These small devices contain steroids that dissolve into the sinus passages and help cut down on the recurrence.

The other advantage of these devices is that they have a spring-type effect that keeps the sinuses open. That's very important for post-operative care because many patients need to use nasal steroids and saline rinses after their polyps are removed, but their sinuses often close down, making the rinses ineffective. By keeping the sinuses open, thus allowing the medicines to get into the root of the sinuses, the results have improved dramatically for patients suffering from sinus polyps.