Sometimes, medications are no longer effective enough to make you feel better. In those cases, surgery needs to be considered. In the past, sinus surgery was painful and bloody and removed a lot of tissue and bone. However, over the past decade, great advances in surgical treatments have been available for chronic sinusitis. With newer technology, sinus surgery is much less invasive. Dr. Atkins has advocated for Balloon Sinus Surgery since it became available in 2006.

Our success rate with BSP has been very high over the years, and we constantly invest in new technology like TruDi to improve our outcomes.

There are a lot of surgeons advertising balloon sinuplasty, so there should be a sufficient amount of information about the procedure. Before you choose a sinus doctor, you should learn why Atkins Expert Sinus Care is a Center of Excellence in Balloon Sinuplasty and why we are the best choice in South Texas if you are considering Balloon Sinuplasty.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP)?

BSP is a quick, easy and minimally invasive procedure done right in our office under IV sedation for the treatment of chronic and recurrent sinus infections as well as sinus headaches and sinus pain. It can be combined with other procedures such as turbinate reduction and septoplasty to improve nasal congestion.

BSP uses computerized guidance to thread a small compressed balloon into blocked sinus passages. Once the balloon position is confirmed with TruDi, the balloon is inflated for a few seconds. The sinus passages are widened by the inflated balloon. The widened passages stay open over 90 percent of the time and allow for better sinus drainage and decreased symptoms. Since we are dilating and not removing tissue, there is minimal bleeding and a very quick recovery.

Facts About Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP)

  • Experience matters when choosing a sinus surgeon. BSP may seem new, but Dr. Atkins has over 12 years of experience performing the procedure with great outcomes.
  • BSP is not painful. Dr. Atkins and his team of board certified anesthesiologist will make sure you are completely numb and comfortable.
  • Your nose is not packed or stuffed with gauze. You will not have black eyes or facial bruising. Your nose will look exactly the same after the procedure.
  • Not everyone is a candidate for BSP. Dr. Atkins will do a thorough exam to determine is BSP is right for you.
  • Our success rate with BSP has been very high over the years and we constantly invest in new technology like TruDi to improve our outcomes.
  • BSP is covered by most insurance companies.

Is Balloon Sinuplasty Right for You?

Dr. Atkins may advise surgery in your case, but ultimately, it’s your decision. The key issue for you to consider is quality of life. Think about how sinus symptoms affect your day-to-day life. How many sick days do you take? How often are you tired? How do you feel about the amount of medication you are taking? It’s a very personal decision. If surgery is an option for you, we will do everything we can to explain things so you feel comfortable making a decision.