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Atkins Expert Sinus Care is a premier sinus treatment practice located in San Antonio, Texas, led by board-certified otolaryngologist James Atkins, MD, and his highly trained team. They specialize in revolutionary TruDi™ balloon sinuplasty (BSP), a minimally invasive procedure that produces better patient outcomes with less pain and downtime than traditional sinus surgeries.

People experiencing nasal congestion, chronic sinus infections, deviated septums, nasal valve stenosis, narrow sinus passages, nasal polyps, allergies, immune problems, or previous failed sinus surgery can turn to Dr. Atkins and his team for premium care.

The team offers the latest advances in sinus procedures to relieve unpleasant symptoms, such as fatigue, chronic nasal drainage, congestion, frequent sinus infections, blocked sinus passages, sinus pressure, and sinus headaches.

Dr. Atkins takes time to listen to individual needs and address all potential causes of unpleasant symptoms. The Atkins Expert Sinus Care team offers in-office testing, including nasal endoscopy, CT scans, and allergy testing.

Dr. Atkins has performed more balloon sinus surgeries than any other physician in the area and has helped many people relieve their symptoms without surgery.

He offers innovative TruDi b​alloon sinuplasty in-office under local or IV anesthesia, without the need for hospitalization. Most major insurance plans cover sinuplasty, or sinus surgery, which has an extremely high success rate.

Other sinus procedures available at Atkins Expert Sinus Care include septoplasty, ClariFix® cryotechnology, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), polyp removal, inferior turbinate reduction, VivAer® treatment for nasal valve stenosis, and post-surgical stents that keep nasal passages open.

The expert team at Atkins Expert Sinus Care welcomes new patients to the practice and looks forward to helping them breathe easier. Call for an appointment today, or use the online booking feature.

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  • Healthgrades

    "Dr. Atkins suggested a sinuplasty and it seriously is the best procedure I have ever had done. He was very personable & professional. I enthusiastically recommend him."

    Linda A.
  • Healthgrades

    "I'm grateful to Dr J Atkins for giving me a normal life. I just can't say enough of how satisfied I am with the outcome."

    Sal S.
  • Google

    "Don't waste your time going to any other doctor for your sinus issues. Dr. Atkins is the best. Excellent Dr. who runs an excellent office!"

    Nicholas R.
  • Google

    "Dr. Atkins and his team are amazing! They welcome you and take awesome care of you. Atkins performed Balloon sinuplasty on me, and my results have been fantastic!"

    Kara M.
  • Google

    "Best people, best doctors, and best technology. If anybody says otherwise they are just non-sense. And Dr. A is the man!"

    c33case C.


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