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There are four types of sinus infections. Chronic sinusitis is by far the most common problem...

We see many patients with facial pain, sinus pressure, and postnasal drainage who are quite certain...

Do you ever wonder if it's allergies or a sinus infection? Sometimes it's easy to sort out but most of the...

Facts About Sinusitis

Many people don’t know that sinusitis is more common than heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and COPD and has a similar impact on quality of life. We understand how much sinusitis impacts you and your family.


Sinusitis, particularly chronic sinusitis can severely impact a person’s overall quality of life. Common symptoms include: discolored drainage, headache, change in sense of smell/taste, fatigue, poor sleep, facial pain/pressure, and an overall reduced sense of wellbeing.


“Great service and friendly staff!! Dr. Atkins was very informative, explained everything with great detail and answered all my questions. Told me what the plan was to deal with my situation. Overall, loved it! Looking forward to getting my situation resolved."

Christina S.