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If you experience chronic sinus headaches, you don’t have to live with discomfort. At Atkins Expert Sinus Care in San Antonio, Texas, board-certified otolaryngologist James Atkins, MD, and his team offer numerous sinus treatments to relieve headache pain and give you a better quality of life. Schedule an appointment with Atkins Expert Sinus Care by phone or online to learn more about your treatment options.

Sinus Headaches Q & A

What are sinus headaches?

Sinus headaches often consist of head or facial pain and pressure. You might experience sinus headaches because of a sinus infection, chronic sinusitis, allergies, a deviated septum, or other conditions associated with sinus inflammation. Treatment with the Atkins Expert Sinus Care team can offer you relief.

What are the symptoms of sinus headaches?

If you have a sinus headache, you might experience:

  • Throbbing head pain
  • Pressure near your cheeks, eyes, or forehead
  • Worsening pain while bending forward
  • Stuffy nose
  • Aching in your face or upper teeth
  • Fatigue

Factors that increase your risk of sinus headaches include hormone changes and family or personal history of headaches.

How does my provider diagnose sinus headaches?

To diagnose sinus headache and their cause, Dr. Atkins asks questions about your symptoms and reviews your personal and family medical history. He examines your nose and nasal passages and might recommend nasal endoscopy, CT scans, or MRIs.

What are my sinus headache treatment options?

Your personalized sinus headache treatment plan depends on the cause of your sinus headaches. Dr. Atkins considers all possible causes to best manage your sinus issues. He might recommend the following treatments:

Lifestyle changes

To reduce sinus headaches, avoid cigarette smoke and other irritants, use saline solution to rinse nasal passages, or try using a humidifier.


Over-the-counter or prescription oral medicines and nasal sprays can often reduce chronic nasal congestion associated with sinus headaches.


FDA-approved ClariFix can treat congestion and post-nasal drainage using cryotechnology. The procedure freezes a nerve in your nose under local or IV sedation.


If you have allergies, receiving sublingual immunotherapy drops or allergy shots can reduce nasal congestion and sinus headache pain.

Balloon sinuplasty

Dr. Atkins and his team specialize in balloon sinuplasty, which is a minimally invasive procedure in which he inflates a balloon into sinus passages to widen them, reduce congestion, and relieve sinus headaches.


If you have a deviated septum, septoplasty can restore sinus passages to their ideal size, shape, and function. Doing so can help you breathe easier and relieve head pain if other treatments haven’t worked.

Other surgical options

Additional sinus surgery options available at Atkins Expert Sinus Care include polyp removal, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), inferior turbinate reduction, and VivAer® treatment for nasal valve stenosis. Post-surgery stents help keep nasal passages open during recovery.

Don’t live with sinus headaches and congestion when numerous treatments can offer you relief. Schedule a consultation with the Atkins Expert Sinus Care team by phone or online to find out which sinus treatment is right for you.