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Allergy Testing & Treatment Options


Allergy Testing to Diagnose Your San Antonio Allergies

Uncontrolled allergies can worsen sinus conditions, leading to chronic sinus infections and discomfort. Pollen allergies are common in this part of Texas and most sufferers know that at certain times of the year their symptoms will worsen. But, in some instances, patients have allergies to items in their homes (dust mites, animal dander, mold) and don’t even realize that those indoor allergies are triggering their sinus problems. We offer a thorough testing program to determine if you have allergies. Should you need treatment other than medications, we offer both allergy shots and sublingual allergy therapy.

Allergy Testing

We can test you. 

Sublingual Allergy Therapy

  • An alternative to allergy shots
  • Shots give a patient a small dose of what they are allergic on a regular basis
  • Sublingual therapy allows a patient to put a small amount of what they are allergic to under their tongue in a sugar solution every day
  • The big advantages are the time savings of not having to come in and get shots and the cost savings on not paying for the shot administration.

If you are already seeing an allergist, we will be happy to keep your allergist up to date on what we are doing for the rest of your problems.


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