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How we are different?

I'm Dr. Atkins and I want to tell you what makes care at Atkins Expert Sinus Care different from other practices. 

I have always tried to look at my practice from a patient perspective. And with patients in mind I developed a simple 3 step process in order to find the cause of your problem and not just have you continually “trying” things to ease your symptoms. I’ve invested in technology so that everything you need in order to get a proper diagnosis is here in my clinic. Many people can be diagnosed and on the road to feeling better in one to two visits.

There are six main causes of sinus problems.

  • Chronic sinus infection
  • A deviated septum (crooked nose)
  • Narrow sinus passages
  • Allergies
  • Immune problems
  • Previous sinus surgery that didn't work (scarring, poorly performed)   

I take time to listen and address all possible causes of your problem. And if needed testing is simple and available in our office.  We can perform a nasal endoscopy to visualize the inside of your nose, obtain a low-dose, low-cost CT scan to look for structural problems or infection, and can test you for allergies. We look at the information from these tests to make the correct diagnosis and treat what really is causing the problem.

When considering which doctor is best for you, experience matters. I've performed more balloon sinus surgeries than any other physician in our area. I've also probably helped just as many without performing surgery.




  • In 2006 one of the first surgeons trained on BSP
  • Has consulted for both major balloon companies
  • Developed one of the most popular balloons used today.  
  • Published 9 medical articles and 1 book chapter on sinuplasty, office nasal & sinus surgery
  • Is a Training Education Center for Acclarent - the largest balloon company
  • Has lectured nationwide on BSP for years 
  • Has done thousands of BSP cases 
  • Has a Trudi navigation system for BSP in his office
  • Offers IV sedation for BSP by board certified anesthesiologists, to enhance comfort.  


  • Just trained in last 2-3 years
  • Haven’t done any consulting regarding BSP
  • Haven’t developed any balloon technology 
  • Have not written anything on BSP
  • Aren’t training centers
  • Haven’t given any lectures on BSP
  • Have done very few in comparison to Dr. Atkins and many have done less than 50
  • Don’t have Trudi in the office
  • Only offer local anesthesia


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