How are we different?

We only see patients with sinus problems. In a general ENT practice sinus problems only account for 30% of the patients. This means if you go to a general ENT only one in three patients they see are going to have sinus problems. 100% of the patients we see have sinus problems. That means every day we see three times as many sinus patients as those other physicians do. This leads to an immense amount of sinus experience that other ENT’s just don’t have.

We offer in-house CT scanning with a very low radiation dose CT scanner which gives us a detailed picture of what's going on in your sinuses.

We also offer in-house allergy testing.

In the event that you need surgery we offer in office procedures with sedation from an MD anesthesiologist as well as the most advanced 3-D imaging system available to assist with sinus surgery.

We also have a great staff. A recent Google review said that everybody here seemed happy and the reviewer attributed that to the fact that the staff knew we were doing a good job and making people better. I think that's true. Myself and Mike Ferris, PA-C, a physician assistant who has been with us for 16 years love what we do and I think that's reflected to our employees who in turn love what they do.

When considering which doctor is best for your sinus problems, experience matters. I've performed more balloon sinuplasties than almost every sinus surgeon in the country. I've also helped just as many patients without performing surgery by using non surgical treatments. The items below are what truly make us different.

Dr. Atkins

  • In 2006 one of the first surgeons trained on balloon sinuplasty.
  • Has consulted for both major balloon companies.
  • Developed one of the most popular balloons used today.
  • Published 9 medical articles and 1 book chapter on sinuplasty and office nasal & sinus surgery
  • It is a Training Education Center for Acclarent - the largest sinus ballooon company.
  • Has lectured nationwide on balloon sinuplasty for years
  • Has done thousands of balloon sinuplasty cases
  • Has a Trudi 3-D navigation system for balloon sinuplasty in the office.
  • Offers IV sedation for balloon sinuplasty by board-certified anesthesiologists to enhance comfort.

Most Other Surgeons

  • Just trained on balloon sinuplasty in the last few years
  • Haven't done any consulting regarding balloon sinuplasty
  • Haven't developed any balloon technology
  • Have not published any literature on balloon sinuplasty
  • Aren't training centers
  • Haven't given any lectures on balloon sinuplasty
  • Have done very few cases in comparison to Dr. Atkins
  • Don't have Trudi in the office
  • Only offer local anesthesia instead of IV sedation